Frequently Asked Questions

What are your available colors?

Click on the image below to download our color chart.

Why Do I Need Raingutters?

From the moment the first rain falls on a new house, damage starts cccurring. Mud spatters onto new stucco and stains it. Cement slowly starts to erode under the constant hammering of the roof water. Top soil turns to mud, and washes away taking with it bark, ground cover and plants. Moisture builds up around the house and mildew forms. Raingutters are a simple, inexpensive way of protecting the home, and landscaping.

Do raingutters need a lot of maintenance?

Seamless Aluminum Raingutters require very little maintenance, they do not require constant painting to keep them looking new. Modern raingutter systems require very little attention. Raingutters are a simple, inexpensive way of protecting your biggest single investment, your home and landscaping.

I have gutters now, how can I tell if I need additional gutters?

Give your house a spot check. Walk around the outside of your home, look for things like:
  • Soil splattered on the stucco
  • Paint that is splitting and peeling near the base of the house or the bottom of doors landscaping
  • Groves worn into concrete sidewalks or driveways or small trenches in soil or landscaping
  • Moss or mildew growing on walls

Why seamless aluminum rain gutter?

  • Aluminum is not affected by the sun
  • Made in continuous lengths at the jobs site
  • Pre-painted, back polyester finish, made to last
  • Can be used on shingle, tile, metal and flat roofs.